Trauma Processing: The Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church

This is not a theological argument. It is not an argument. These are my thoughts, observations, and feelings concerning the crisis in the church.

Does anyone else think about this crisis?
Why doesn't anyone want to talk about this?
Not talking about it is providing cover to those in our midst who have committed evil.

People pretend that the crisis is behind us because policies have been changed.
The policies don't matter when the primary problem is spiritual rot among the leaders. 
And the rot is still there. 
People think the crisis is blown out of proportion. 
They think the media is anti-Catholic.
Some media is anti-Catholic, but not all.   

It is not just a sex abuse problem, though that is a problem.
It is popular to say that the cover-up was worse. 
But "the cover-up" sounds like something that happened once, or a few times perhaps. 
The problem is that it wasn't a cover-up or even a short period of cover-ups. The problem is a culture that promotes loyalty over goodness. It is a culture in which cover-ups are the modus operandi.      

We have been pretending we had a wart removed when really we are battling metastatic cancer.

We need to talk about this. 
We need to process it.  
But people don't want to talk. 
Bringing it up is taboo. 
It is not welcomed.    

Defending the faith and defending the human institution are constantly confused. 
Victims are seen as enemies and corrupt bishops are seen as good.

Most people will say, "But the church does so much good."
Yes, it does. 
Many people do many good things.
Many people give their lives for good causes. 
Many in the church fight the good fight in spiritual battle. 
But bad people also hide behind the good. 
Many corrupt bishops were philanthropists.
Many had shiny public personas and got respect from powerful people.

Good priests suffer. 

Good priests, falsely accused, are hung out to dry by their bishops. 
The bishops settle, ensuring more false accusations in the future. 
They don't defend their own priests. 
They don't try to figure out what really happened.
Men who have taken vows of poverty cannot hire lawyers to help clear their names. 
And then real victims are looked at suspiciously, as if they, too, are making false accusations.

Does truth not matter in this entire process?

The only way through this is to reject evil wherever and whenever it is found.
We must never tolerate corrupt, abusive, evil behavior. 
Fancy titles do not matter.  
Willful ignorance is a sin. 

Here are some references. I cannot vouch for the veracity of everything in every article. 

Seminary culture:

Bishops limit payouts by settling. Do they not think that finding the truth matters to the laity?

Cover-up Culture (The bishops, it seems, do not care if the pastors they assign us practice what they preach.) (McCarrick was a philanthropist.)

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