Trauma Processing: The Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church

This is not a theological argument. It is not an argument. These are my thoughts, observations, and feelings concerning the crisis in the church. Does anyone else think about this crisis? Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about this? Not talking about it is providing cover to those in our midst who have committed evil.Continue reading “Trauma Processing: The Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church”

Catholic Parents and the Cover Up Culture

Reports about the sex abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church reveal a clerical culture conducive to both sex abuse as well as its cover up. For example, a 2018 Pennsylvania grand jury report covering six Catholic dioceses says that hundreds of priests abused at least 1000 children over the course of thirty years. BishopsContinue reading “Catholic Parents and the Cover Up Culture”

How To Dialogue With Your Neighbor

“Let’s discuss abortion,” is a conversation that will likely lead no where in the US today. Perhaps twenty years ago this could lead to meaningful dialogue. Basic observation leads to the conclusion that the culture is too divided today for conversations like this to bear good fruit. However, we still need to talk about culture.Continue reading “How To Dialogue With Your Neighbor”