Celibacy: Something to Consider

Over the past few years I have had quite a few conversations with Catholic parents who do not want their children to consider the priesthood or religious life. The primary reason usually has to do with mandatory lifelong celibacy. Their feelings about this topic are in line with secular American culture. Celibacy is seen asContinue reading “Celibacy: Something to Consider”

The Blessings of Illiteracy-My Time Wandering in the Tokyo Desert

February 13, 2021 From July 2015 through July 2018 I was living in downtown Tokyo with my husband and kids. Although I spent time each day studying Japanese, throughout my time there I was essentially Japanese-illiterate. I was free from the full thrust of the advertisements around me. In addition, few stores had my size,Continue reading “The Blessings of Illiteracy-My Time Wandering in the Tokyo Desert”