The Spiritual Drama of Thaipusam and of Pregnancy

Four years ago my family and I had the opportunity to go to the Thaipusam procession in Singapore. The trip was a last-minute opportunity that we jumped on. So when we landed in Singapore the night of Thaipusam, my husband’s graduate school roommate, a long-time friend we hadn’t seen in numerous years, picked us upContinue reading “The Spiritual Drama of Thaipusam and of Pregnancy”

Prudence in the Pursuit of Knowledge

Watch my You Tube Video: Annotated Bibliography Enderton, H.B. “Elements of Set Theory.” London: Elsevier Science (1977). Describes  Gödel’s incompleteness theorems which have philosophical significance with respect to the limits of knowledge. Gallagher, K.T. “The Philosophy of Knowledge.” New York: Fordham University Press (1986). An overview of the history of epistemology, which will help meContinue reading “Prudence in the Pursuit of Knowledge”

Never Enough: An American Way of Life

As we landed in Seattle after three years of living in Tokyo, I clung to the small, wooden Franciscan Toa cross a friend had given me. The cross was a symbol of what I wanted. I wanted more out of life than simply wanting more all the time. The toa cross represented the possibility ofContinue reading “Never Enough: An American Way of Life”

How To Dialogue With Your Neighbor

“Let’s discuss abortion,” is a conversation that will likely lead no where in the US today. Perhaps twenty years ago this could lead to meaningful dialogue. Basic observation leads to the conclusion that the culture is too divided today for conversations like this to bear good fruit. However, we still need to talk about culture.Continue reading “How To Dialogue With Your Neighbor”

Lack of Affirmation: A Societal Epidemic

We hear all the time about people who need affirmation. If you live in an urban area, you may even be approached by people who describe a difficult home life where they did not receive affirmation. Where I live just outside of DC, these people often present themselves as transgender. Too often these issues getContinue reading “Lack of Affirmation: A Societal Epidemic”

Friendship Is Like A Tree

There is this idea that friendship involves “hitting it off” with someone. A friend is someone you get along with. A friend is someone who understands you and a person with whom you have rapport. This view of friendship only accounts for the easy good times. With this view, friendship is valuable if you generallyContinue reading “Friendship Is Like A Tree”

St Thomas, Choice, and Pregnancy

The “pro-choice” movement argues that women deserve the dignity of choosing to continue or to end their pregnancies. The government, family, and society in general should stay out of the decision. They argue that pregnancy should be voluntary. St Thomas may disagree with the conclusions. However he would agree with importance of voluntariness. According toContinue reading “St Thomas, Choice, and Pregnancy”