Reflections of a Military Spouse

I want to share some of the more difficult experiences I have had as a military spouse. I am not looking for sympathy. I think it is important to share because there are so many misconceptions of military life. Recently I met a military spouse who had spent 7 years in Europe. She had fourContinue reading “Reflections of a Military Spouse”

Chit Chat: A Human Need

February 23, 2023 I’m sitting in a Costa coffee in Headington, a small little town close to Oxford in the UK. Over and over I am struck by the fact that people talk so much to each other here. People are on the street, eating, drinking, and traveling in close proximity to each other. ItContinue reading “Chit Chat: A Human Need”

The Blessings of Illiteracy-My Time Wandering in the Tokyo Desert

February 13, 2021 From July 2015 through July 2018 I was living in downtown Tokyo with my husband and kids. Although I spent time each day studying Japanese, throughout my time there I was essentially Japanese-illiterate. I was free from the full thrust of the advertisements around me. In addition, few stores had my size,Continue reading “The Blessings of Illiteracy-My Time Wandering in the Tokyo Desert”